Welcome to Madden 20!

We at the Turf Team are extremely excited for the kickoff of Madden 20!

This year we are looking forward to bringing you content from some of the top minds in the madden community! While last year we saw Dubdotdubby join the Turf team this year we will see his fellow Need It Gaming teammate Cleff The God join us as well.

We will also be providing content from your favorite Turf team members year round. This includes guides through the year from CC, Route Combo (get excited route runners), and myself.

We will be here to guide you through all of the new additions to Madden 20 such as Superstar abilities, improved real player motion and the variety that will now be found in play books.

We are proud of our history of providing the best most consistent content in Madden!

Make sure to take advantage of our pre order offer going on today! It’s time to take your game to the next level!

See you on the sticks,