Cleff's 335 Wide Defense

As we embark on our journey in Madden 21 we bring you the new META formation, 3-3-5 Wide. We also included his version of 245 and 146 vs passing sets. Cleff has been dominating the competitive scene for years and recently won his 7th FNF title using this defense. We will also lay out run defense for standard downs and how to stop goaline. Lastly, Cleff will breakdown a filmroom.

Skimbo Defense

Skimbo’s 1st defensive guide of Madden 21 is here! Learn how he plays vs the best players in the world using the Nickel 2-4-5 formation. While often spoken as the best offensive player; Skimbo is vastly underrated defensively as he spends countless hours preparing for the best offenses in the world! Join us in learning how to lock up the field!

Skimbo Washington Offense

Here we go into the mind of Skimbo and his gun bunch exactly the way he runs it. Skimbo has always made offense look easy, and the way he plays and his mindset does make it easy. While not complex – simplicity is sometimes the key and using simple read progressions and setups has driven Skim to be called one of the greatest Madden players of all time.


CC's Patriots Offense

The offense that is anti-meta is back. After 5 years now operating in the “Ace Twins” offense CC has perfected it and brings it back to combat the meta defenses this year again. A simple and controlling offense designed to cause frustration is here to help force the game back into your hands. From beating zone and man, to pounding the rock, to 1 play touchdowns – you will control the game now!!


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Cleff Coast Offense

The surgeon is back again! Another year and Cleff the God is bringing us his version of Gun Bunch out of the West Coast playbook. Here you will dive into the mind of one of the most surgical passers in Madden today to help take your game to the next level. West Coast? Naw. Cleff Coast is here.



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