Dolphins Defense

Our second defensive guide comes out of the Miami Dolphins playbook with a focus on defending the pass with blitzing. Utilizing 146 and Over G we scheme towards stopping what is popular and keep a blitzing formation in our back pocket for when we need it. We will teach you how to send pressure, blow up the run, and defend similarly to previous Maddens. Whether edge heat or disengaging defense – this is the guide for you!


Cleff Coast Offense

The surgeon is back again! Another year and Cleff the God is bringing us his version of Gun Bunch out of the West Coast playbook. Here you will dive into the mind of one of the most surgical passers in Madden today to help take your game to the next level. West Coast? Naw. Cleff Coast is here.


CC and Strafing KC Defense

Our first defensive guide comes from 2 minds this time. CC and IbStrafing are both excellent defensive players and always play a little different than the “meta.” While you may know CC you will get to know Strafing better this year as he won 2nd place in the Madden Bowl 2 years ago and has won multiple club championships. The focus of this guide is to bring additional pressure without giving up coverage. This involves some tactics that will be patched, and IF they are patched they both will be back in the lab to provide new concepts. This guide will be updated throughout the year!


Dubby's Seattle Offense

This year our first guide comes from former Madden Bowl Champion, Dub Dot Dubby. An experience and great offensive mind that is used to creating the popular meta – we expect the same this year. In the past we had seen Dubby maximize a single formation, but this year we are bringing you multiple formations for your arsenal. Included in the guide are setups from Bunch, Bunch TE, and Y Trips. This guide is based out of the Seattle Seahawks playbook.


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