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The formation that is taking over was something we dove into early on and in the Madden 20 beta. We didn’t want to rush it out to make sure we gave out the best possible formation, and now we are ready! We feature this out of the Raiders Playbook and is the perfect addition to the scheme from Mr. Football!

Whether establishing the run or dominating with the pass this formation can be the most frustrating offense in the entire game! So let’s dive in, have fun, and dominate

Singleback Wing Flex Close

Dots n Totes

All Setups


  • Run the ball
  • Verts vs Cover 1 Man

  • Block outside right TE
    Motion out outside left WR on Wheel
  • Smash Base Setup

  • Run on Short Side
    Drag Inside TE
    Flat Outside Right Receiver
    Wheel Route Running Back
    Streak outside left receiver
  • 4 Verts Base Setup

  • Flat Route outside right TE
    Corner route inside TE
    Motion out outside Left WR
  • Smash Man Setup

  • Slant outside Left Receiver
    Block Running Back
    Flat Outside right TE
    (Trail Route inside TE)- Optional
  • HB Dive

  • Watch Video for motions to get better blocking
  • Verts vs Cover 3

  • Flat Outside Right TE
    Streak Inside TE
    Slant inside receiver
    Motion out outside right receiver
  • Drive Y Corner

  • Block Running Back
    Streak outside right TE
    motion out TE on streak
    Motion outside left receiver
  • Clown Post - Situational

  • Block Running Back
    Drag inside TE
    Drag inside Receiver
  • Drive Y Corner Situational

  • WR’s need to be on short Side
    Wheel Route Running Back
    flat outside left WR
    Smart route out route inside WR
    Out Route outside right TE- motion out 2 steps and hike
  • Drive Y Corner Vs Heavy Blitz

  • Wheel Running Back
    Out Route Outside Right TE
    Hitch Inside Left WR
  • PA Cross Switch- Baby Dot vs Every Coverage

  • Run on Left Hash
    Wheel Route Running Back
    Hitch Outside Left Receiver
    Flat outside TE
    Motion Hike outside right TE

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