Rambo’s Middle Triangle Offense

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Rambo created this eBook with the sole intention of helping those who want to be more confident and comfortable passers in Madden by teaching a real-world passing concept from the West Coast Coaching Tree that can be applied to Madden Football. The West Coast Middle Triangle eBook teaches concepts that can be applied to any offensive formation. The concepts are designed to simplify the passing game by using a middle triangle, one of the foundational pieces of the West Coast Offense. Typically, each pass play consists of multiple route concepts that are designed to beat any coverage so long as the QB works the triangle in his pass progression. We hope you enjoy and check him out on twitch https://www.twitch.tv/ramboqb15

Middle Triangle Offense

Laser Season


What Is The Middle Triangle?

Learning The Diagram

Pre Snap Reads

West Coast Bunch

Using Jets Playbook

Cover 0

Vs Double Mable

Real Life Vs Madden

Online Gameplay


Jets Drive Out

Versatility Of Stick

"Inside Cross" Middle Triangle

Versatility Of Y-Out


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