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Step into the mind of the former Madden Bowl winner again, DubDotDubby as he breaks down 3-4 odd in complete detail. Here he teaches to blitz, run defense, and defending against the most popular formations in the game. This is a very high risk, high reward defense that includes his personal secret to his success using this formation. What you are getting is a deeper look into how a professional madden player thinks and you do not want to skip any of the videos!

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3-4 Odd

You Blitz All Night

Here Dubby goes over the introduction to the guide, and the base play he uses religiously throughout the guide. This is the most key video of the guide, so please watch the entire thing.


Man Align


Pinch Linebackers

Globally Blitz Linebackers

Optional QB contain

Here we go over defending the popular formations and stopping the run. While having a great blitz is nice – learning how to defend the most popular things in the game is extremely beneficial. This is a key here to taking this ultra aggressive defense to the next step.

Simply click the corresponding tab to learn a particular setup. We will have the written setup in there, but it is VERY important to watch the videos as well.





The Secret To Dubby’s Success Using 3-4 Odd

Additional Run Defense

Additional Run D (Storm Brave)

Defending Panther Heavy


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