Dubby Coverage Defense

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Today we will be covering one of the best defensive formations in Madden! This will be great insight into the mind of one of the best defensive players in Madden DubDotDubby!

The great thing about dollar is that it is symmetrical which will allow you to easily adjust your coverages regardless of what your opponent does.

Not only is it great pass defense but we can also stop the run well and defend the RedZone.



3-2-6 Lock it Up

Kansas City Defensive Playbook

Base Setups

Man Coverage 101

Run Defense

In this group of tabs we will go over some blitzing and how we prefer to defend certain popular formations. Simply click the corresponding tab to learn a particular setup. There are no written setups on defense. We do this to encourage watching the video to understand the play to the fullest and not just blindly set up a play.


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