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Below you will find a complete list of our Madden 23 Defensive Strategy Guides. If you are looking for an Offensive Guide simply click the button below to view those offerings.


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Today we will be covering Skimbo’s Defenisve guide focusing on Man Coverage from the Chiefs playbook. This covers how to tell run vs pass, blitzing, and other things that can carry over from this madden to the next!

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Here we have the full scheme used by Mr Football to make the Finals and then Madden Bowl in 2023!

This comes with the Offense AND Defense he used throughout the entire tournaments!

Mr. Football goes into great detail with different setups for every offensive play he will use to qualify for the tournament out of two different formations.

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I wanted to put together everything that I have been running lately, so here it is. I am running the Spread offensive playbook and Multiple defensive playbook. This includes my unique way of playing this game and how to attack the meta man coverage in ways you havent seen yet.

For the defensive playbook we focus on dime normal to play zone and protect the seams. I really don’t enjoy using man coverage, so you wont find any of that in here.

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Elite compiled his favorite plays to get stops and slow players down for you out of the Multiple Playbook. You can also run KC. Here we are covering the meta 33, Dollar as our main defense and Nickel over to mix in and for run defense. The best way to play defense currently is to keep pressure on your opponent and run man, so we will cover that as well for you! While running isn’t overly popular, we will be covering how to stop the run in each formation as well!

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Today we cover one of the more popular defensive formations, and one that is symmetrical and will allow you to not flip your formation to all of the advanced passing attack. While we can defend the run well we will lock them up in the redzone with our redzone defense.

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CTG is back! We are extremely excited to bring you the best defense in the game by one of the most successful players of the MCS era Cleff the God! Not only is Cleff a former Tampa Bay Buccaneer Club Champion but he has been a Madden Bowl participant on multiple occasions.

Nickel 3-3 (formerly known as Nickel 3-3-5) is the best defense in the game which was found during the Beta by Cleff. The defense is known not only for having the best blitz in the game which is taking the game by storm but also for giving you the ability to adjust well out of it.

In the videos below Cleff will go into a 45-minute detailed explanation of everything he does with this defense. Cleff has always been one of the best adjusters in Madden and now he will let you inside of his mind to take your game to the next level!

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