Coin Deals!

Madden 20 has only been out for a few weeks.

Between grinding solos, playing H2H and running MUT Squads with your boys, you’ve probably found a way to build a pretty nice team.

Chances are your squad is still missing a couple of pieces though. Whether that piece is the latest Legend or needing to power up the cards you already have, it all takes a toll on your coin count.

Since the owners of DMC are hardcore Madden players just like yourself, we know what it takes to build a team.

To help you guys build the best team possible right now, Discount MUT Coins is excited to announce a FIRESALE on Coins, Training, AND Quicksell Cards from now until Sunday, August 18.

But wait… it gets even better.

Not only are we providing you with THE CHEAPEST Madden coins on the market, we are also giving away a free 90 overall Lawrence Taylor to a random customer who places an order during our firesale!

Already have the card? No problem. We will trade you his 5 set pieces so that you can sell the 90 Lawrence Taylor and spend the coins however you want.

This LT is easily the best card in the game right now, and his stats don’t lie. At the bottom of the article we have attached a picture of his stats (powered up) to show how overpowered he is.

Check us out at and be sure to use code TURF at checkout for 20% off your order!