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CTG is back! We are extremely excited to bring you the best defense in the game by one of the most successful players of the MCS era Cleff the God! Not only is Cleff a former Tampa Bay Buccaneer Club Champion but he has been a Madden Bowl participant on multiple occasions.

Nickel 3-3 (formerly known as Nickel 3-3-5) is the best defense in the game which was found during the Beta by Cleff. The defense is known not only for having the best blitz in the game which is taking the game by storm but also for giving you the ability to adjust well out of it.

In the videos below Cleff will go into a 45-minute detailed explanation of everything he does with this defense. Cleff has always been one of the best adjusters in Madden and now he will let you inside of his mind to take your game to the next level!


Cleff's Fire Defense

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In this group of tabs we will go over the basic fundamentals of the offense. It is VERY important that you understand all of these setups at minimum before taking the offense into a game. These setups are the bread and butter of the system. Once you have these setups committed to memory you have the basics you will need to understand the audible, and when to run a certain offensive set and concept.

Simply click the corresponding tab to learn a particular setup. We will have the written setup in there, but it is VERY important to watch the videos as well.






Nickel 33 – LB Blitz 0



optional to pinch your linebackers.


Please watch the video multiple times to learn the adjustments. That will take your game to the next level. Don’t be afraid to get adjusty and learn the weaknesses against each formation.





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