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I wanted to put together everything that I have been running lately, so here it is. I am running the Bengals offensive playbook and Dolphins defensive playbook. This includes bomb plays, an amazing run, and extremely indepth breakdowns on how I play defense.

For the defensive playbook we focus on 146 and Over G. Offensively we use some of the ideas from the old Raiders guide, but moved to Bengals for 1 specific play that explodes the offense.

Pew Pew Pew

Offensively you want to use the Bengals to unlock the full potential. Defensively I used Dolphins so I could have 146 and Over G, but you can use these in other playbooks as well.


Setting Audibles

SB Bunch TE Run

Abilites On Offense

Using 2 Tight Ends

Route Swapping

Here you will find all the offensive setups






Here you will plays I use rarely, but in specific situations



146 Overview

Big Nickel Over G

146 vs Trips

146 vs Bunch

Defending The Run

Using 34 Cub

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