TheActualCC Launch Combo Guide (Madden 24)

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The Defense is updated Post Patch from 10/4/23. I wanted to get something out to you guys.
Today we bring you the combo guide that CC ran to a 25-0 record in MUT Champions and a 40-0 start to the year in MUT. This covers the offense and defense he ran to knock out easy wins while staying balanced the entire game.

The offense is the BALANCED playbook and the defense is run from the RAVENS playbook.

We will cover multiple formations, setups, blitzes and concepts to take your Madden game to the next level.

All Guides Include The Following!


Our guides are broken into sections detailing the basic setups for beginner level players, advanced setups for experienced players, and adjustment suggestions to deal with common things your opponent will try to do.


Each guide comes with an easy to navigate tab system that expands into a comprehensive breakdown of the setup that we are going over. You will learn the setups from start to finish to give you a full understanding of the material.


Inside the guides you will find not only written setups, but also high definition video tutorials for each individual setup. This coupled with our easy to use tab system makes it easy to find what you want on the fly.


We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service in the Madden strategy community. This year we will be taking that to a new level offering on-site guide support. If you have a question, just post it on the guide page.


Each guide will come with season long updates. Anytime we find something new or alter the way we run something that is in your guide, you will receive the updated material at no additional cost. No more extra charges!


The concepts in our guides are tested thoroughly against high level competitive players. This is to ensure that the content works at even the highest level of play and gives us a complete understanding of the material we give to you.