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INTRODUCTION   For our second offensive guide of the year we wanted to bring you something different than what we did in Patriots, and we focused our efforts back on to Baltimore. Last year our Ravens offense was truly dynamic and one of the best offenses in the game from start to finish. This year we bring a slightly different take on the book tailored to the strengths and weaknesses of Madden 17. You may see some old favorites in here, but you will also find one of the best books around that compliments a superior run game with a deadly passing game.

This guide is a compilation of favorite formations from each member of the team, so each formation will have its own unique feel to it. We believe that success is yours for the taking, and Baltimore can lead you there!

Gun Trips Y Flex Tight

We start with old faithful from last year. This formation was AMAZING last year, and is still incredibly hard to defend this year. The key to using this formations is mixing up the play calling and the defense will need to be all over the field with their user to even have a slim chance at defending it.

HB Angle

  1. Flat middle slot WR to Left


  1. Streak/Fade TE
  2. Slant outside WR

Levels Sail

  1. No Adjustments

PA Crossers

  1. Drag TE
  2. Slant outside WR

PA Crossers Cover 4 Bomb

Added 12/14


  1. Watch Video



  1. Two ways to run – see video

Inside Zone


  1. Run Play


Gun Flip Trips Raven

Flip Trips is always a fun formation and this year we love it as a nice mix in formation within the entire scheme. When used in key situations, but not abused this formation will indeed move the sticks for you. The biggest downside is the ability to create a true flood concept to the right, but all of the crossing routes will keep your opponent tripping over themselves to keep up.

Y Cross Post

  1. Motion outside WR left (See Video)

Curl Flat

  1. Flat Inside WR

PA Read

  1. Drag inside WR
  2. Swing RB to Right


  1. No Adjustments

Run Plays

  1. Wide Trap/Inside Zone

Singleback Tight Doubles

Most people only user under center formations to run the ball this year, not us. We are here to break down one of Kilo’s favorite formations within Baltimore. As always please be sure to watch all of the videos to see how Kilo creates the concepts and implements them from single plays into a scheme.

PA Inside Cross Version 1

  1. Motion WR on the right to the left
  2. Swing RB to the right

PA Inside Cross Version 2

  1. Motion slot wr to the right
  2. Swing RB to the left

Drag In

  1. Motion slot wr to the right
  2. Swing RB to the right

WR Corner

  1. Motion slot wr to the right
  2. Swing rb to the left

PA Rollout

  1. Swing rb to the right
  2. Drag TE

Run Plays

  1. Zone Weak/Stretch

Singleback Bunch

Everyone loves bunch. Here we give our take on the under center version aka singleback bunch. This is a quick scheme that allows us to come out in any run play we choose and have all of the different passing plays at our disposal within the audibles.


  1. Streak middle WR

Four Verticals Version 1

  1. Place TE on out route
  2. Slant left WR

Four Verticals Version 2

  1. Drag TE
  2. Slant outside right WR

PA Shot Fork

  1. Slant outside right WR

Singleback Trio

Smash Texas

  1. No adjustments

Bubble Screen

  1. No Adjustments

Drive Wheel

  1. Streak middle WR
  2. Smart route TE post


  1. Place middle WR on a flat
  2. Slant TE

PA Solid Corner

  1. Drag TE

Run Plays

  1. Stretch/Zone Weak

Strong Tight

FB Angle

  1. Place outside right WR on a drag
  2. Place left TE on a streak

PA Power O

  1. Block RB/Cancel playaction

PA TE Cross

  1. Streak TE on the right
  2. Block RB optional

Run Plays

  1. Watch video to learn run scheme

I Form Close

PA Boot (left)

  1. Streak TE
  2. Motion right WR to the right


  1. Streak TE
  2. Motion right WR to the right

PA TE Cross

  1. Motion right WR to the right
  2. Streak WR on the left

PA Raven Shot

  1. Fade right WR
  2. Flat route TE
  3. Motion right WR to the right

Run Plays

  1. Sweep/Stretch/Zone Weak