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Here we cover what we consider an underutilized formation this year that allows once against for great pressure blitzing OR passive pressure from the pass rush. As a formation that stands out being readily available in so many books, Nickel is one that you can add to your arsenal today to keep your opponent guessing.

Below you will find each play with its own section laid out within tabs. When possible we will also go over an advanced strategy that may require more adjustments, a complete understanding of the formation, or quicker fingers to complete the play. Make sure to learn the entire body of content to ensure that your defense is starting to lockdown.

Nickel Normal

Lock it up


Depth Chart


Base Setups

Defending Tight With Cover 2

Defending Tight With Cover 3 Cloud

Defending Bunch Part 2

Defending Inside Zone

Defending Tight With Palms

Defending Bunch

Defending Trips TE

In this group of tabs we will go over some additional run defense we wanted to include in case you get in those certain situations and need to lock it down!

Simply click the corresponding tab to learn a particular setup. There are no written setups on defense. We do this to encourage watching the video to understand the play to the fullest and not just blindly set up a play.








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