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Indominus Rex Defensive Guide

They thought they could stop the heat with a patch. They were so wrong. We have now released our Indominus Rex Defensive Guide loaded with gap pressure. This guide goes beyond just simple heat setups as well and takes an advanced in-depth approach at teaching the defensive side of Madden from the ground up. Click the link below to learn more!

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Short Pass Style Offensive Guide

The Short Pass Style Offensive Guide by CBrev is now live on the site. This guide features new and unique passing concepts to keep the chains moving as well as great setups to push the ball downfield. With this guide you will also receive suggestions as to what MUT cards make the scheme the most useful. Welcome CBrev to the MaddenTurf team by checking out his guide today, just click the link below for more information!

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New England Combo Guide

Would you like the tools to compete on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball for one low price? Who wouldn't right? Well look no further, we are offering our New England Combo guide including both offensive and defensive strategy for the price of just one guide. Learn some of the most dominating offense and defense in Madden 16 today! Click the tab below to learn more!

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Madden 16 Rocket Catch Tutorial

Last year Madden Turf had the face catch down on day one. We provided it all year long in our guides. This game took our customers to the next level with just this concept on Day one. For Madden 16 we created the Rocket Catch that will soon be duplicated and used across the community. Best part is that this is a FREE Madden 16 tip. Be sure to watch the video in entirety to understand the in and outs of the rocket catch in Madden 16. A couple key things is to have a receiver 6’2 or taller with high catch in traffic, spec catch and jumping. Welcome to Madden 16 as the Turf Team is going to keep providing you with top notch tips to dominate Madden 16. SOME OF OUR CURRENT OFFERS; Be ready to dominate your friends day one with our pre-order special that gives you $40.00 in content value for ONLY $24.99. Click Here to see our Pre-Order special Our MaddenTipsTV service provides you ongoing weekly content of 5 tips per week for only $7.95/month. The best part is that you have a 7 day free trial to make sure that you like the content before ever having to pay for the service! Click Here For a FREE... read more

Madden 16 Money Play | Pats Y Stutter

With Madden 16 right around the corner many of us are now labbing for what we think might be effective on the new game. Nothing gives a player a sense of confidence like starting the game out with an idea of what might be their go-to Madden 16 money play. EA Sports helped us out a bit, or at least they think they did, by releasing several plays picked by the developers that they think are great plays on Madden 16. Sadly, most of the EA Sports staff plays the game on a grade-school level, and many of these plays have very little potential at all. A couple of them did catch our eye however, and in this article we will break down our thoughts on how to make Pats Y Stutter from Gun Trips Y Iso, in the New England Patriots playbook. Please understand that the following ideas are based on how we think the game will play, and it may end up being completely useless. Try not to hold it against us if it is. From our understanding they have not returned the ability to make fast hot routes on the offensive side of the ball, so we will be keeping our concepts in this article to one, or in some cases, a maximum of two adjustments. This should help your offense run smoothly and quickly, giving you an advantage over the defense in terms of being able to snap quickly. Option #1 (Stock-No Adjustments) According to EA Sports, the concept here is to get your TE on the right matched up one on one with a... read more

Madden 15 Tip | Defending The Face Catch

In this Madden 15 tip video Ccpr53 takes a look at the technique he uses to stop the face catch. The example play used here was the Cover 3 Cloud out of the 34 Even formation in the Baltimore defensive playbook. This face catch defense has been known to lock down those who are not elite at the face catch, and also give troubles to those who are. Adjustments: Base Align Man up the flat zone cb to the WR Shade coverage underneath Possibly place left of screen OLB in a zone We suggest usering anyone but the CB and Safety on this play that will be defending the face catch. Check out the video for more details on how to run this play! If you would like more great tips like this make sure to take advantage of our MaddenTipsTV service. Click Here to Claim Your Free... read more

Madden News

MaddenTurf Has Partnered With NastyBreaks!

A big part of what we do with MUT every year is centered around the thrill of opening packs. Some of us spend money, some use coins, and others grind solos in hopes of getting that big reward. If you are really committed you do all three. Nothing on the game can compare to the feeling of the chase, searching for that one great pull. Unfortunately spending money on MUT packs comes with some serious drawbacks. The first one is obvious, the cards you receive are digital in nature, existing only in our virtual world. You can't hold them in your hands, you can't display them for your friends to see short of tweeting out a picture. Another serious drawback is that when the Madden year is over, those cards instantly lose all meaning to us. Lastly, they have no real value because in order to sell them you have to risk not being able to continue playing a game you love. EA Sports has and will ban people that are caught buying or selling cards outside of the game framework. What if I was to tell you that you could experience the rush of pulling packs, but without having to experience any of the shortcomings of dealing with digital content? Would you be interested? Hell, would you believe me? Well that is what I am about to tell you. MaddenTurf has recently partnered with NastyBreaks. NastyBreaks is a company that essentially does real  life MUT pack openings. They get their hands on some of the best sports collectables available, including cards, jerseys, balls, equipment, and so much more.... read more

MUT 16 Master Reward | Cards and Stats

In what may have been a simple mistake by EA the MUT 16 item database website has revealed the MUT 16 Master rewards. In a twist there appear to be multiple 99 overall MUT 16 Master cards available from launch. The biggest question here is how to obtain these cards. We all expected a MUT Master OBJ, but the Marshawn Lynch and Steve Young are certainly an unexpected surprise. All three of the MUT 16 Master reward cards look great, but the MUT Master OBJ certainly looks incredible and a valuable addition to any squad. Hopefully these cards all require a lengthy grind to achieve so that the auction block does not get filled with them within the first month of the game. Hopefully the details on how to obtain these MUT 16 Master reward cards will be revealed by EA during their live stream on Wednesday August 19th. Take a quick look below at the card art (excellent) and the stats for the expected and unexpected MUT 16 Master reward... read more

Madden 16 eBook Buyer’s Guide

In the world of buying a Madden eBook it can sometimes be difficult to make a choice on who to buy from. The choices are vast, and growing exponentially each August when someone has had a decent Madden year and thinks they can now sell their own content for a quick buck. Unfortunately this muddies the waters for consumers out there and makes the decision much more overwhelming that it needs to be. As much as we would love to tell who not to buy from in this article, this wasn’t written to bash on specific competitor websites. Instead, this article is intended to educate you on some things to look for when choosing the content purchase to increase the likelihood of the content being something that can help you. So here are five things to look for when buying eBooks; Longevity- How long have these people been around? Content Dedication- Do they historically run their own content? Customer Support- Are they easy to reach if I run into a problem? Proven Results- Do they have success stories? Price- Is the content reasonably priced?   LONGEVITY Step one would be to identify how long the people you are about to purchase from have been in the competitive community, and even more so, how long they have been creating content within the community. You want to choose your content from someone that has been around and has been successful year in and year out. Each Madden season sees a new group of players that make their appearance on the competitive scene, and from that group each year a handful decide... read more

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